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We want you to get the most from your metric bike. Not every bike is sized to fit every rider. The average bike is designed for the average man. We will make your bike fit you or fit you better. We can change lever to grip distance for smaller hands, lower the bike, and shorten the foot pedals, the handle bars and risers. We have custom fit many bikes for women riders with their comfort and safety in mind. Customizing metrics is relatively new. We are constantly developing new ideas to make your metric stand out from the crowd. We pay extra attention to the small details which will make your bike stand out.

At AFT Customs no job is too small or too large. We get our ideas from all areas of motorcycling: Cruiser, Sportbike and Motocross. We are the home of the 8” headlight. AFT Customs was the first and only shop to put a headlight this large on a cruiser. You help create your bike. The first step is to see what the big picture is. We can then decide to do it a little at a time or all at once. This is important because you can save money on the project if everything is planned out and in order. We work fast and efficient. Our labor rate is a very competitive $55 per hour. AFT Customs is a dealer for over 50 different suppliers and will ship parts anywhere at competitive prices.

AFT Customs is operated by Jim Giuffra. Jim has been involved with motorcycles for most of his life but officially started working on other peoples motorcycles in 1977 when he worked at Spinetti’s Bike Shop in Jackson, CA. They were one of the larges multi-line dealers in the nation. Jim has been factory trained by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. In 1987 Jim started Amador Fine Tune where they repair all makes of motorcycles and do custom work. AFT Customs is a division of Amador Fine Tune. Give us a call and let us put our expertise on your next project.

Ron comes from a diverse background in cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles. A certified welder with huge talent in fabrication and design. He is a true craftsman.

All the girls work on the bikes in their spare time performing tasks from assembly and engine work to detailing. This gives them a working knowledge of our products and creates a team attitude. They come up with great ideas and have a lot of fun. 

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