Chopper Fest 2018 - Ventura California: 1st Place

Bike Fest Las Vegas - September 2017: 3rd Place - Custom

Hollister CA - July 2017 1st Place - Custom

Hollister CA - July 2017 1st Place - Metric

World Champion: World Championships 2012 Sturgis, SD 1st Performance Custom.

World Champion: World Championships 2011 Sturgis, SD 1st Performance Custom. 

World Champion: Metric  Class 2008 World Championship of Custom Bike Building Sturgis So Dakota Aug-3rd-6th 2008 more...

World Champion: Metric Class
2005 World Championship of Custom Bike Building Mandalay Bay,
Bike Fest Las Vegas 2014
3rd place

Bay Area Motorcycle Superfest -
"Outstanding Motorcycle" 2014

L.A. Calendar Show 2014
1st Place

Renegades Classic Dixon
2nd Place

Ultimate Builder San Mateo, Ca 2013
2nd Place

Hollister 2013
1st place Ultimate Builder Street Mod

EasyRider Sacramento 2013

3rd place Street Custom

Renegades Classics Dixon Sept. 2012
1st Metric Class

Chopperfest 2012 Ventura CA,
2nd Place

Custom Ultimate Builder San Mateo, Ca 2012
1st Performance 

Bike Fest Las Vegas 2012
2nd place

Rat's Hole Sturgis 2012 
1st place 

L.A. Calendar Show 2012

1st place Sport/Race bike

IMS Show San Mateo, Ca 2011 
1st Performance Custom 
2nd Freestyle 

Las Vegas Bike Fest 2011
2nd Radical class 
1st Metric class 
1st Sport Bike class 

Renegade Rendezvous Dixon CA 2011
1st place Metric 

Rats Hole Sturgis 2011

2nd 100cc Class

L.A. Calendar Show 2011
Best of Show & 2nd place Bar Hopper

Renegades Classics Madera, Cal. 2011
Builder of the year award 
1st place Special Construction 

Show Win, Easyrider Sacramento CA 2011

1st place Street Custom


International Motorcycle Show San Mateo, Ca Nov. 21 2010

1st place Freestyle 
2nd place Performance Custom 
Las Vegas, NV
November 18-20, 2005

Artistry and Iron 2010 Vegas

Renegade Classics Dixon 2010
1st Metric

Rat Hole Sturgis 2010
1st 0-1000cc class

World Championships Sturgis 2010
6th Metric

LA Calendar Show 2010
1st Metric

Black Oak Casino Renegade Classics 2010
Best of show

Arlen Ness San Mateo 2010

3rd place freestyle

Easyrider:   Sacramento January 16/17 2010 B est of Show Special Construction

Renegades Classics: Dixon, CA 9/12/09
1) Vision & Artistry Award/Ambassador of Excellence
2) Best of Show
3) 1st Metric

Arlen Ness Santa Clara April 2009 
Best of Show

Black Oak Casino Sonora June 2009
Best Design

L.A. Calendar Show July 2009
1st Metric

World Championships Sturgis August 2009
7th Metric

Rats Hole Sturgis August 2009
1st Radical Metric
1st Custom Metric

Artistry and Iron Las Vegas October 2009
Invitee / participant

Sacramento CA January 2009
 2nd place

Rats Hole Sturgis August 2008
1st Metric

Chopperfest Ventura CA
First Metric December 2008

Bike fest Las Vegas
Best of show
Best metric 10/04/2008

Keith Ball Biker Net
Best of show Sturgis SD 08/08/2008

Legends Top 50
Best metric Sturgis SD 08/07/2008

Black Oak Casino
2nd place overall Tuolumne, CA 07/26/2008

LA Calendar Show
Best of Show Long Beach Ca 07/12/13/2008

Tahoe Thunder
Best of show So Lake Tahoe 6/20/2008

Legend of the Motorcycle
Special Guest! 5/3/2008

Tahoe Thunder -June 2008- best of show

Arlen Ness Show San Jose Jan. 26/27

Bagger class 3rd

Premium class 6th

1st Radical Metric
 1st Mild Custom 
San Francisco Rod,Custom,Motorcycle Show Jan 11-13 2008

best of show
1st place bagger
Bill Sampson Memoria
Sept. 28/29 2007
No. Lake Tahoe, Nv.

1st place Radical
Grand National Bike Show
Oct. 13/14 2007
Cow Palace San Francisco, Ca 
Best of show, Most radical custom & 2nd place bagger class    

Bay Area Bike Bash 8/12/07Plaesanton, Cal.

1st place L.A. Calader Show by Fast Dates July 15 '07 Long Beach,cal.

1st place pro class

Easyrider Portland: 
March 24, 2007
Pro Class Win

1st Place : Metric

America's Most Beautiful Motorcycle - Outstanding Detail and Achievement Award

Grand National Motorcycle and Roadster Show


January 26-28, 2007

1st Place : Radical Metric

Grand National Bike Show

San Francisco

October 15, 2006

2nd Place:

Bike Fest - Las Vegas

September 16, 2006

1st Place: Radical

Rat's Hole Sturgis

August 11, 2006

3rdPlace: Metric
World Championship Sturgis
August 7, 2006

1st Place: Metric
Harleys at the Horizon
July 17-18, 2006

1st Place: Metric
2nd Place: Metric
California Choppers Winter Classic

1st Place: Custom
2nd Place: Roadbike
2006 Sacramento Autorama
February 10-12, 2006

3rd Place: Radical
3rd Place: Import Mild Custom
Big Bike Weekend
Redding CA
October 7-9, 2005

Best of Show
1st Place:
 Best Foreign
Run for the Party 2005 -
Street Vibrations
September 24-25, 2005

1st Place: Semi-Custom Class
2nd Place: Mild Custom
Autorama 2005

1st Place: Metric Bikes
Cow Palace - San Francisco
click for photo
January 7-9, 2005

Best Mild Custom
Crystal Bay Club Street Vibrations
September 22-26, 2004

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Cruiser
Mild Custom/Best Helmet
Motorfest 2004
Arco Arena, Sacramento

Best Non American Custom
Best Mild Custom
Rolling Thunder Horizon
Southshore Lake Tahoe
June 4, 2004

Outstanding Motorcycle

Woodland Street Cruisers 5th Annual Hot Rod and Motorcycle Reunion
June 4, 2004

Best Non Harley Custom

Tahoe Biltmore
June 04, 2004

Best Mild Custom

Tahoe Biltmore
June 4, 2004

1st and 2nd place:
 Metric Bikes
Cal Expo
June 4, 2004

2nd place: Mild Custom
Cow Palace
January 4, 2004

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