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"With eyes wide open we begin the climb toward great expectations of dreams taking shape.
Metals and materials dismantled to reveal the simple skeleton that lies within.
Thoughts, ideas, and physical manipulation take form in rough textures of what is to become.
Parts, accessories, bolts, nuts, technique, everything is considered because everything counts.
Through these processes, the building becomes alive, the building becomes real.
Each moment shall have life, as each precious piece is added for completion.
With eyes wide open, anything is possible, one only has to close their eyes and dream.
A bike builders dream can be shared and learned with eyes wide open."

About Sukhee


Nickname: Talks to Horses 
Reason: She's an acccomplished horse trainer & very wise! 
Bike Building: Welding, disassembly, assembly, engine, paint prep 
Rides: LowLa, dirt bikes 

Sukhee goes to Sturgis  !

Video from "The Thing" photoshoot with photographer, Jerry Southworth