"Words from customizing visionaries"

Less is More. I try to keep my bikes as clean and minimalistic as possible yet still completely functional.

Rick Bray https://www.facebook.com/rick.bray.712

"You just weld a bunch of shit together. Fire's fun"

Kristin - Profile)

It's like creating a piece of art, it takes hard work, innovation, and passion.  It's not easy, but it's worth it!

Shelby - Profile

There are 3 things I try to achieve on my builds:

1) I want to REALLY enjoy riding it & want it to perform & handle.
2) I want it to be reliable & easily serviced
3) I want the bike be minimal with nothing extra that doesn't help it perform & serves no purpose.

No drawings, no definite plan, let it evolve as it's being built
Steve "Brewdude" Garn www.brewracingframes.com

Theodore Roosevelt -"It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena , who's face is marred with dust, sweat, & blood ; who strives valiantly , who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly."

Building a custom bike is like expressing yourself when your heart can't find the words. It's that overwhelming feeling of accompishment, knowing your blood, sweat and tears resulted in something so beautiful."

Cyndi - Profile

A custom motorcycle should not only inspire the eye, but the body from the performance and ride,
and the mind by the imagination it was built.
build to ride; after all it is a motorcycle. RIDE SAFE!

Mark L. Bachman - www.bachmanscustoms.com

There is no more rewarding feeling than having the ability to take a vision and turn it into a rolling art form......And kicking the competitions ass ain't to shabby either!

Greg Westbury - www.westburyhotrods.com

Building a flashier version of another persons work will only take you so far…try to think beyond that, look at things with different perspective and take a little risk in both design and engineering. While not all of it always works out as planned, when it does, it is more rewarding than anything

Roger Goldammer, Goldammer Customs

Custom bike biulding is a never ending experiance.It's not about bolting one part to another.It's about creating a piece of art.Showing the world who you are in something so unique.Letting that spark fly with so much control to make a beautiful motorcycle.

Princess Mel  AFT Customs http://www.aftcustoms.com/melanie.html

Building a custom bike is like building a custom (beautiful) body. It takes many hours of sweaty, hard work. But when the end product takes shape the feeling is something unexplainable. To strive for perfection is what we do. And of course the bike better match my shoes ;0

Sahara Profile

With eyes wide open we begin the climb toward great expectations of dreams taking shape. Metals and materials dismantled to reveal the simple skeleton that lies within. Thoughts, ideas, and physical manipulation take form in rough textures of what is to become.

Parts, accessories, bolts, nuts, technique, everything is considered because everything counts.

Through these processes, the building becomes alive, the building becomes real.

Each moment shall have life, as each precious piece is added for completion.

With eyes wide open, anything is possible, one only has to close their eyes and dream.

A bike builders dream can be shared and learned with eyes wide open.

Sukhee - AFT Customs Profile

Human brains relish exaggeration. For the past 30000 years physical human  representation in art has thrived on the exaggeration of reality. When we  create functional mechanical devices with an aesthetic eye we invariably  anthromorphize. Motorcycles are no exception. Builders have emphasized  length, stretch, reach of handlebars, colors, fat tires, tanks or bags.  The possibilities for overstatement are innumerable. At Kraus Motor we  emphasize engineering, we over stress it. The result is machines that mold to the rider in performance and functionality.

Alan Kraus  www.krausmotorco.com

There are ony two kinds of pain - discipline & regret

Bryan Schimke   TPJ Customs

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

Kirk Taylor - Custom Design Studios

Less is more

Todd Evans - Evans Cycles & Rods

I'm in love with the creative process. I photograph and write about the creative expression of others. This gives me the opportunity to express myself as I represent great work to the viewers who, like me, are inspired by the efforts of others to create for themselves.

Mike Chase www.mikechasephoto.com

Make sure you want it more than the mountain of frustration it's going to throw at you. That's why there are a million unfinished projects sitting in garages around the country. It's not easy but it's so damn fun when it's finished.

Duane Ballard Custom Leather www.dbcustomleather.com

The ultimate freedom in life is to be able to create. But Imagine being able to develop a motorcycle from the ground up, then ride it at 100 mph on the freeway, then share that creation with the world. We are so fortunate to live in a country that affords us this ability and even celebrates each accomplishment.

Ride Forever,
Kieth Ball - Bandit/bikernet.com

Few builders go beyond imitation to invention, to subordinate the disparate ingredients of a mainstream motorcycle into a singular vision, while blurring orthodox notions about form and function. Only a few connoisseurs have the economic clout to ride home on the real deal instead of a knock-off; but their patronage allows an elite coterie of artists to reach new milestones of creativity, to transform an unruly congress of chrome, oil, rubber, pig iron, paint, and decibels into the high art of the low rider. Praise the lowered!

Tom Zimberoff - Art of the Chopper

Good builders are common; artists are rare. The latter populate a parallel universe in which they become the high priests of horsepower, lane-splitting libertarians on the road to perdition with a lust for life and a consummate sense of style.

Tom Zimberoff - Art of the Chopper

A chopper is 1) a conceptualized, hand-made motorcycle; 2) a convolution of form and function; 3) a balance of flamboyance and minimalism; 4) a vehicle of self-expression; 5) getting something wrong just right. Taken together, that means a chopper is an 'art bike.

Tom Zimberoff - Art of the Chopper

When I build a bike it has to have the "curb appeal" in the mock upstages. All lines should flow. It should be low to the ground and look like it's going fast while it's standing still!

Scott Hultquist - Riff Raff Customs

A good bike apeals to your reason.A great bike apeals to your emotions.

Cyril Huze

Art is to entertain and inspire. My photography, graphic design, writing and event promotion is meant to entertain the viewer, impress them with the with the story, beauty, quality and excitement it evokes, and make their lives a little more enjoyable.

Jim Gianatsis / FastDates.com

Let your bikes speak for themselves and your customers back it up.

Carl Brouhard - Broughard Design

Always strive to create a timeless design statement that balances form and funtion harmoniously while defying convention

Adam Canni - Canni Design

The man on top of the mountain did not fall there

Vince Lombardi