How We Started

"We wanted to raise the bar for spokes models in the Power Sports industry. We carefully chose women with intelligence, good work ethic, sense of humor, strong family values and family support system. The cool factor is they all help build world class customs. These beautiful and skilled women are in a league of their own. Simply put, they can walk the walk and talk the talk." -Jim Giuffra
What We Do


Miss Las Vegas Bilfest 2012

 Cooking Channel "Extra Virgin" cooking show interview

Models Published In...

American Thunder (Speed Chanel)

 March 2013 Barnett's Bike Craft mag 
 March 2013 Parts Unlimited mag 
  Jan. 2013 Streetfighter mag (England)
 Nov.2012 & 2011
ChopperOn Nov.2012 (cover) Spain 
ChopperOn Nov. 2011 (Cover) Spain 
 Sept. 2012 Angela Won "Miss Las Vegas 2012"
 May 2012  CafĂ© Racer Italia (Cover/Cyndi)
 Aug 2012  Thunder Press (Cover/Sara/Shelby)
June 2012  Biker Zone Mag  Spain
 April 2012  Cycle World
 Feb. 16 2012  "Good Day Sacramento"
 Oct. 2011 AMD Magazine 
 Sept. 2011  Quick Throttle Mag
 2011   Fast Dates Calendar
 March 2011  Parts Unlimited Mag
 Jan 2011  Thunder Roads (cover) 
 Jan 2011 V-Twin (cover) 
August 2010 Malaysia Chopper Mag  
August 2010  Thunder Roads
October 2010   Bike Time (Cover) Germany
Winter Issue 2010 Barnetts Magazine
October 2010  Riders Review 
July 2010   Riders Review (cover)
 May 2009 Motodrive Mag. (Ukraine)  
May 2010  Street Fighter (Great Britain)
March 2010 Barnetts 
 February 2010 Easyrider Magazine (Sara) 
November 2009 Bikers Life (Italy) (Cover) (Melanie) 
 November 2009  Riders Style (Japan)
August 2009 Bikers Power (Germany)
 March 2009 Moto Tuning (France) (Cover) (Melanie) 
2010 Easyrider Magazine Swimsuit Calendar 
2010 Renegades Classics Calendar
2009 I Ride Movie 
 September 2009 Easy Rider 
September 2009 Thunder Press
August 2009 Riders Review (Cover)
August 2009 Thunder Press
August 2008 Bikers Power (Germany)
July 2009 Iron Works 
 June 2009 Barrnetts Magazine
 May 2009 Hot Bike Magazine 
April 2009 V-Twin Magazine
March 2009 Easyrider (Andrea)
March 2009 M/Cycle Dealer News
February 2009 Easyrider
February 2009 BikerHotLine.com
February 2009 Riders Review
February 2009 ODC Mag (Cover)
January 2009 Motorcycle USA.com
December 2008 MotorOn (Turkey)
November 2008 Quick Throttle
August 2008   Bikers Power (Germany) 
September 2008 Quick Throttle
September 2008 Canadian Biker
September 2008 Thunder Press
October 2008 Easy Rider
December 2007 Baggers Mag
December 2006 Thunder Press
July 2007 Street Chopper
September 2007 Barnetts
September 2007 Hot Girls
October 2007

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